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"I couldn't have asked for a more easier shipping experience. The staff at the Carrollwood Pak Mail are some of the most courteous and professional people I have ever dealt with. All of my Christmas gifts to my friends and family arrived exactly on time. Thank You!"
- Nora P. in Carrollwood 33624
"As an eBay seller, I am constantly looking for ways to increase my bottom line. Using the shipping capabilities of the Carrollwood Pak Mail center has helped me do just that. I am always receiving compliments from my buyers on the quality of the packaging and in the timely manner in which they receive their merchandise. Your store has made me look like a hero."
- Sara G. in Carrollwood 33618
"This year I went a little overboard buying Christmas presents for our rather large family who is spread out all over the United States and I was somewhat perplexed as to the best way to ship these gifts without spending a small fortune. After explaining the various carriers and rates, Carrollwood Pak Mail made shipping my presents a breeze. Everything arrived on time for Christmas and the shipping costs were very reasonable. I can't thank you guys enough. I will definitely be using you again next Christmas."
- Susan H. in Tampa 33625
"After inheriting a rather large set of formal dishes from my aunt I wanted to ship it to our daughter up north. I was very scared to ship the set myself for fear of breaking some of the items. I was referred to the Carrollwood Pak Mail by a friend who has used their packaging and shipping services many times. The shipping went very smoothly and my daughter received the dishes in perfect condition. She was amazed at the care taken in the wrapping of each piece to ensure a safe trip. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done."
- June R. in Carrollwood 33618
"I sold my entire Lionel train set on Ebay to a fellow in Washington state. It was a rather large set comprised of 8 engines, 150 cars, over 300 feet of track plus all the accessories. I wasn't really sure of the best way to package them or the best carrier to use. I am happy to say Carrollwood Pak Mail packaged them and shipped them at a very reasonable rate via UPS. I am happy to say the trains arrived in perfect condition to the buyer. I highly recommend your services and would definitely use you again."
- Jeremy D. in Tampa 33613
"When my company transferred me overseas, I didn't have a clue how I was going to ship all of my exercise equipment and our two high end mountain bikes. I consulted with Pak Mail in Carrollwood as to the most economical and safest way to ship these items. Their staff expertly packaged all our items then fastened them to several pallets for overseas air shipping. They were then shipped via DHL to our new residence in Germany. Well, needless to say all of our items arrived in great condition and one day ahead of schedule. Two thumbs up for a great job!"
- Pete F.in Carrollwood 33624
"I sell antiques on Ebay and have used the Carrollwood Pak Mail for many years to ship them to my customers. I am happy to report that I have never had a package go astray or has any of the merchandise ever been damaged. They are a top notch friendly business that I highly recommend."
- Ray V. in Carrollwood 33618
"I sold an antique neon beer sign to an individual in the Los Angeles area. I was absolutely scared to death of the thought of packing it and shipping it myself. I was thrilled to have found that the Pak Mail store in the Carrollwood area was less than 5 minutes from my home. The owner actually came to my home and picked up the sign from me. The neon sign was carefully packed in multiple layers to prevent any breakage and shipped out the next day. The sign arrived in 100% perfect condition and the buyer was absolutely ecstatic at the way it was packaged. You guys are the greatest!"
- Jack S. in Tampa 33625
"Every year my wife bakes tins upon tins of Christmas cookies for all of our friends and relatives for the holidays. These need to be shipped all over the United States in time to arrive for Christmas. I wouldn't trust anybody but the staff at the Pak Mail center in Carrollwood to pack them and ship them for us. We have been using them for years and haven't lost a single cookie shipment yet. Three years ago we moved from Carrollwood to New Tampa, but we still come back to Carrollwood and ship with the Pak Mail here. I highly recommend their services and their great staff and hope to ship with them for years to come."
- Bill & Marge P. in New Tampa 33647
"I would like to thank the Carrollwood Pack Mail center for the expert job they did in handling the packaging and shipping of several stained glass panels that I had sold to a customer in Vermont. The panels were EXTREMELY well packed and the shipping went very smoothly. This was a very fragile shipment and it was handled by true professionals. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for their excellent services."
- Chelsea S. in Carrollwood 33618